Electronics Recycling for Schools

Convenient IT Asset Management and End-of-Life Electronics Recycling

We have over ten years of experience with working closely with K-12 schools and universities. Let us provide your educational institution with a comprehensive electronics recycling program: from white glove pickups, on-site hard drive crushing, and collection event fundraisers.

White Glove Pick-ups

Our trained logistics team members can go to your site to package all sensitive IT Assets individually. We bring specialized boxes for laptops and mobile devices for safe and secure transportation to our facilities. Once your equipment is received in our facility, your account representative will personally guide you through the rest of the recycling process: from receiving detailed inventory reports to coordinating payment for your recycled electronics.

Very professional. A smooth recycling experience.

April 2017

Hard Drives in an Hour

On-site Hard Drive Crushing

While every piece of electronic equipment that comes into our facility is guaranteed to receive the highest standard of data security, we can also provide your school with the piece of an on-site hard drive crushing service.

Collection Events

In the past  ten years we have successfully organized hundreds of collection events that have collectively brought in millions of e-waste. Let us use our expertise to give your school a great way to save the environment! Talk to us today about Collection Events.

Thank you for running a great collection event for us! We just about doubled our largest event and did it much less time!

April 2017

Planet-Friendly Practices

We are committed to operational excellence, safety, and people - and planet-friendly practices. Our certifications provide independent validation of this commitment, and—we think—look great on all our materials.

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