CRT Television Recycling

Cost Effective. Fully Operational. 100% Domestic.

Kuusakoski offers a proven Processing Solution for CRTs, with significant capacity, and the backing of numerous State and National Organizations. Our 100 years of Environmental Stewardship and Recycling Expertise make us the logical choice to handle your CRT needs.

Zero Exports

We believe that responsible recycling means that no hazardous material–especially CRT glass, which contains lead and other toxins–is exported overseas or to third world countries. We are committed to recycling and processing all CRT devices right here in our facility in Illinois to minimize the risk to the environment.

No Stockpiling

We absolutely, positively do not stockpile CRT devices or CRT glass. You never have to worry that your hazardous, lead-containing CRT glass is sitting in a warehouse or empty lot for years. We guarantee a 72 hour turnaround time for processing all CRT material that comes through our processing facility.

e-Stewards Approved

Our process is e-Stewards approved. This means that you are guaranteed our CRT solution meets the highest standards in the electronics recycling industry and is audited by a third party every year to make sure we are always compliant. Not every recycler can say that.

CRTs and CRT Glass were once easily recycled into new CRTs; however, the demand for new CRTs has collapsed in favor of new flat panel technologies.

Because of rising costs, negative economic incentives, and shifts in CRT glass markets, some CRT processors and recyclers are choosing to store the glass indefinitely, rather than send it for recycling (or disposal), which increases the risk of mismanagement and/or abandonment of the CRTs.

US EPA, September 2014

Kuusakoski’s Solution To This Problem Is A 4 Step Process:

  1. Collection: We work with numerous State Agencies and Municipalities, to collect these materials directly from the generators, with over 2,000 collection points across the United States.
  2. Recycling: We manually disassemble CRTs and recycle 50% of the materials, which include Copper, Plastic, and Steel bearing items. These items are ultimately refined into their raw material form, and used in the manufacturing of new Copper, Plastic, and Steel items…in essence creating a closed loop in the recycling chain.
  3. Environmental: The glass tubes, which contain lead, are shredded and chemically treated to encapsulate the lead, and mitigate the environmental impact.
  4. Containment: Treated glass is stored in an EPA certified and monitored “mineable cell” for storage, until economically viable and scalable processes for separating lead from glass become available.
  • EPA Approved Process
  • eStewards Certified
  • Currently Operational
  • Our method has considerable capacity, in light of several other homes curtailing shipments and closing completely.
  • Unanimous Support of Illinois Legislature
  • Illinois Manufacturers Association backing
  • Sierra Club endorsement
  • Governing bodies (R2 and eStewards) cannot restrict their members from using Kuusakoski’s Glass Solution in the State of Illinois.
  • Kuusakoski is working with several State, Local and Private Agencies to handle the cleanup of numerous abandoned CRT Recycling sites, and are quickly developing a National Reputation for Environmentally Sound and Scientifically Engineered Recycling Solutions.
  • Surrounding States have toured our facilities and are working on similar legislation as Illinois in an effort to create more cost effective and proven recycling methods.