CRT Glass Cleanup Services

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CRT Glass Cleanup: A Case Study

The Problem

  • A warehouse was abandoned leaving behind millions of pounds of CRTs and other electronic waste.
  • The landlord was unable to re-lease the space until the materials were safely moved off-site and processed.
  • The State Environmental Department had stepped in and given the landlord a deadline for moving the materials.
  • The abandoned waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, included batteries, broken (lead-containing) CRT glass, computers, and other miscellaneous electronics.

The Solution

  • Provided a cost effective, environmentally approved turn-key processing solution to remove 6.5 million pounds within a 7-week period.
  • Provided onsite staff to do the loading of the materials.
  • Arranged the logistics for 190 truckloads of both hazardous and non-hazardous shipments.
  • Handled all the documentation, including preparation and completion of the hazardous waste manifests to eliminate any potential liabilities for the insurer and landlord.
  • Provided required reporting to the landlord, insurance companies, and the state environmental protection agency.
CRT devices represent nearly one-half of the remaining e-waste stream.

A High Capacity CRT Glass Solution

We have the proven ability to process 11 million pounds of CRT material each month. Our solution is e-Stewards certified and Illinois EPA approved, giving us the edge you need to manage massive quantities of CRT material in less time and with less cost than any of our competitors.

Step 1

Glass and tubes are crushed.

Step 2

Crushed glass is treated to stabilize the lead in an EPA-permitted process.

Step 3

Every daily batch is tested with at least two TCLP tests.

Step 4

Treated glass is placed into a dedicated mineable cell at the PDC Indian Creek Landfill until markets to extract and recover lead become available.

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